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DPI Resource Sharing Guide


"Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning provides leadership to Wisconsin libraries on resource sharing practices and procedures and guidance on current and future policies. We coordinate interlibrary loan service for Wisconsin libraries, act as a clearinghouse for requests created on the WISCAT resource sharing system, refer requests to the OCLC resource sharing network on behalf of WISCAT libraries, and troubleshoot individual requests from WISCAT libraries. Click here to access the most recent Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan guidelines (2005). They cover the agreed upon organizational structure, general patterns of activity and best practices for interlibrary loan. Librarians new to interlibrary loan work are strongly encouraged to review these guidelines. Detailed information the following key interlibrary loan subjects are covered in the WISCAT Frequently Asked Questions section."

"Book club requests - These require special handling. Please note that we strongly discourage libraries from requesting newer and more popular titles for book clubs. These titles are often very difficult to borrow through interlibrary loan, and attempting to borrow multiple copies compounds those difficulties."

"Titles that are newer and in high demand are often not available through interlibrary loan because of restrictions created by libraries. Newer titles are those published within the last 12 to 18 months. High demand titles are generally fiction, but sometimes include non-fiction titles."

"Requests for serials should be created using a blank form to prevent the request being sent to a library that may not hold the particular issue needed."