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SHARE Brief Cataloging Process


This guide describes the new SHARE Brief Cataloging Process that can be used when records are not immediately found in SkyRiver using the client or Smartport. If you're new to this process, we highly recommend that you do the following:

  • Read the process overview.
  • Read/download the cataloging guidelines for MARC-BRIEF records (provided below).
  • Read/download the tutorial slides (also provided below).
  • View the video tutorial, which covers how to enter a MARC-BRIEF record in SirsiDynix Workflows.

As always, questions can be directed toward our SHARE HelpDesk.

Process Overview

  1. Cataloging staff search SkyRiver for an appropriate bib record as usual.
  2. If an appropriate bib record is NOT found, cataloging staff create a new bib record (title) in Workflows using the new MARC-BRIEF format.
  3. Each night, the system will do the following automatically:
  • A duplicate check against our catalog.
  • A search against the SkyRiver database. A record that matches our criteria is selected & automatically overlays the brief record.
  • If no record found in SkyRiver, a SkySearch Plus request is automatically generated for the item.
  • SkySearch Plus will attempt to locate a record. If a match is returned, that record will automatically overlay the brief record.
  1. If SkySearch Plus is unable to supply a record within 8 weeks, the system will automatically create a hold on the item for the local library system's original cataloger.
  2. The hold is trapped & the item sent in transit to the original cataloger for original cataloging.

View the Tutorial

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**To view the tutorial in full-screen mode, hover your mouse over the lower right edge of the tutorial window then click on the small screen icon**


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