Online Backgammon Now Available for Play at Ladbrokes

Online bettors may be seeing more of the game Backgammon on the internet now that online betting giant, Ladbrokes, announced their debut of an computer animated version of the popular European game. Using the best casino game graphics currently used by internet casinos and online gambling sites, Ladbrokes’ virtual version of Backgammon is a realistic experience that lets players participate in sociable tournaments with relatively large winning sums.

The software platform lets players bet from $1 to $1,000, and challenge other players in a fashion that is similar to the tournament structure found at online poker rooms. While logged into the online backgammon software and playing live games, players have access to a drop-down menu that translates common phrases found in a variety of languages. In this way, backgammon players can interact with other players who speak an entirely different language.

Ladbrokes online gaming division Managing Director, David Briggs, commented that the new online backgammon game will offer players frequent and reoccurring cash tournaments and substantial jackpots. He went on to say that generous incentives presented by Ladbrokes will insure that more players will visit more often, and increase the total pool of cash winnings. Considering that Ladbrokes is one of the most trusted and respected names in the gambling/online gambling world, the backgammon game is sure to develop a following of committed players and future online backgammon enthusiasts.

Since Backgammon is most popular in Europe, it will be mainly marketed in this region. The software interface that players will see online is presented in the leather board style that Northern European players are used to seeing, as well as in a wooden design that is most popular with Backgammon enthusiasts spanning the Mediterranean region.