It cannot be said enough that even the smallest difference in odds can be the difference in a winning or losing sports bet. Going in hand with the previous tip in our sports betting tips series, it is paramount that sports bettors do their research ahead of time in order to find the best odds. Especially in sporting events that reflect fast-changing betting patterns, it is important for bettors to know which online sportsbooks are offering the best odds at the best times.

Parlay and Teaser Sports Bets Online

One practice that players should strongly consider is remaining open to parlays and teasers. Although most bettors will advise to stay away from parlays and teasers, some sportsbooks will actually have better odds on these kinds of bets. Try and make it a practice to view these odds while perusing various sportsbooks and gathering the information you will need to place your picks.

For those who don’t know, parlays are bets on two or more teams at a single time. In order for the parlay to win, all games within the parlay bet must win. Teasers are quite similar to parlays in that they are also bets on two or more teams. However, teasers also incorporate point boundaries and can only be done on basketball and football. The number of points and teams selected will determine the odds/payout of the teaser wager. Like the parlay, if there is any losing bets within the teaser, the entire teaser bet will lose.

Obviously, these are risky bets…but can pay off nicely if the proper odds are secured and the player does plenty of research ahead of time.