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Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System Enhances local services by creating and funding programs that strengthen library services through the sharing of resources. In collaborative support of roles, the system is defined as its member libraries, system staff and the system board.


2015 MWFLS CE Survey

Here is the link to the survey.  Please take a minute to fill it out.  Thank you.

trio Promo: Phase 2

Here are the trio Promo: Phase 2 printable files. We have both the front and back of the bookmarks; two sizes of posters, 8 1/2x11 and 11x17; and quarter sheet mini flyers. Please note: colors may vary between different printers.

WISCAT Share-it

Last week on March 20 and 21 was training for the new WISCAT Share-it.  Please start using the new Share-it at  The Classic library will be done as of June 30, 2014.  When using the new Share-it you will need to use IE 9 or 11 (no 10) and the latest Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers.

Please be sure to change your websites to reflect the new URL and logo.  The URL links and logos are attached.

Zinio posters


There are 3 downloads available.  There are two full sheet posters: One is formatted for printing on 8.5x11 and the other is for 11x17!! 

And the smaller Zinio flyers with the magazine titles on the back are now available as well. 

Problem Report and Service Request Procedures

Please enter your library helpdesk ticket at

If you are not able to e-mail please call (920)786-7041.

Please incude the following infomation:

A.  Your name/phone/email

B.  Your location

C.  Type of problem

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

As of October 1, 2013 the Marketplace has opened for people to start applying for health insurance. 

The attached resources may be useful for patrons when applying in the Marketplace.  Please feel free to make copies as needed.   

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