City Officials Looking Forward to Additional Revenue

Revere city officials are excited by the possibilities of seeing slot machines come to Suffolk Downs. They say that the amount of revenue that will be generated from these games will bring money to the city as well as much needed jobs. Not only will there be construction jobs that are created by the addition of the slot machines, but there are also the permanent jobs that will come from the games as well. They are confident that the money that comes forth will benefit everyone in the area as well as people across the state.

Residents say that even if it ends up being a full blown casino, they are ready for it. They say that in this economy the jobs alone that could come out of the location will benefit the entire state, not just their area. But with people coming to the casino to play the slot machines, they will see an increase in their tourist dollars as well, which will help them as a community. There are plenty of people who are concerned about the location, but there are many that say that those concerns are unfounded and that they need to get on board as everyone benefits from the addition.

Residents say that even if you take the jobs and money out of the equation that they simply want to play the slot machines. They say that they are ready for the fun that will come from another offering of something different to do in the area. They are hopeful that the gambling bill will get passed and they are doing everything in their power to make sure that it does.