Online gambling cannot be stopped in Germany

A study was commissioned to examine the extent that online gambling progresses in Germany by the country’s Association of Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media. The results of this survey showed that the endeavours to outlaw internet gambling so at to guard state monopolies have not considerably thwarted the desire to play by online participants in Germany. Two point two million Germans gambled on through the internet according to the previous year’s study.

A mere two million people were gambling on the internet in sports bets, purchase of lottery tickets and poker according to the latest report’s revelations. During the sampled year, the study pointed out the gender categorization showed slightly more than one point seven million men and just three hundred thousand women gambled on the internet in Germany. Lotteries were the ladies’ favourite and they comprised sixty four percent in this sphere, in comparison to fifty seven percent men who enjoyed lottery gambling.

Bitkom’s executive spokesman, Achim Berg, claimed that the report indicates the degree of Germany’s internet gambling popularity, and demanded that the legislators in the country bring Germany’s gambling laws up to date on their coming March 2010 meeting. Further commenting, Berg stated that the present football wager scandal has lucidly manifested that the country’s prohibition simply drives the way back to a bustling illegal market, and added that it must be ensured that the similar high degree of morality apply to the providers in both the public and private spheres, and demanded a German licensing regulation. It has been predicted in the wake of a recent market study into the gambling sphere in Germany, that by 2010 the present two point two billion euros per annum will expand to about five billion euros.