It should be easy to understand and grasp that a casino cannot payout more money that it can afford to. And the way a casino goes about insuring this is to set the payout percentage at an amount that not only keeps them from losing money, but also meets fair gaming standards as determined by regulatory gaming bodies. Naturally, the inherent rules of table and card games keep this in control. Likewise, the programming of online slot and video poker machines guarantee that each machine is tied into the overall game payout percentage.

Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to not stick to a single machine when in a land-based casino. Although it is not necessarily true that some machines are looser than others, it is generally true that machines experience winning and losing streaks. Therefore, it is a good practice for players to get into switching machines when they are on a winning streak. The important thing to keep in mind is to not look back on what you think you could have won, and to quit while you are ahead – even if you think you can get more ahead.  After going on a reasonable winning streak, switch machines. It is worth a try, and keeps with the general probability rules of gambling as well as payout percentage.

A Request For A Report That Includes Suggested Rules For Marketing

Switching Machines in the Casino

Anders Borg the present finance minister of the country of Sweden, along with his associate Maria Larsson, who is the Public Health minister are employing a daily newspaper published in Sweden, Svenska Dagbladet, to speaker against and to support the cessation of what has become a situation of the aggressive marketing of gambling within Sweden. They have come against the Swedish gambling industry, and against Svenske Spel, the company that has dominated the industry, which is the very successful governmental monopoly.

The finance Minister Borg has been warning through this article that there is a new report that is being ordered whose subject is to be the rules that govern the Swedish gambling industry market. It is further noted that the Swedish gambling industry is already under surveillance by the European Commission, as it is believed to be in non-compliance with the Europe Union’s principles regarding the unencumbered movement of services relating to trade.

the gist of the article written by Borg and Larsson is that they are highly concerned regarding social implications linked with gambling, since they believe gambling to be as addictive a threat as alcoholism and as difficult to overcome.

a member of the Swedish Moderate Party, Tomas Tobe, is reported as saying that he sees the upcoming report mentioned by Borg as being of a positive nature but that it does not do enough to break the monopoly held by the government through Svenske Spel and that much more needs to be done and quickly.

Tobe warns that this proposal will hardly be sufficient to appease the European Union Commission and he warns that in spite of this report, Sweden can expect to be summoned to stand before the European Court of Justice and be served with a conviction for its unfair marketing practices.